Historical Performers Guild

A Professional Guild is a sacred trust for professionals in the discipline and art form.

Joining together to support, motivate, and encourage each other brings enhanced meaning to the shared Guild for all.

The Historical Performers Guild is open to Historical Performers who meet or exceed the published, peer-reviewed standards. An application for review and acceptance can be made at Historical-Performers.com or contact irene@historical-echoes.com.

Considerations included such as:

  1. Demonstration of self-awareness in ethically channeling the authentic story of an historical personality.
  2. Dedication to research and authentically channel the historical personality.
  3. Storytelling stagecraft including
    1. The audience, performer, personality performed interactions
    2. Voice and body control
    3. Imagery to replace memorization
  4. Contributions to the profession, including
    1. Mentoring
    2. Support and involvement of professional organizations of storytelling
    3. On-going continuing education in the specialty.
    4. Sharing ideas with other professionals of the Guild, including access to the Guild blog.
  5. A yearly membership fee of $150. Includes
    1. Use of Historical PerformersTM identification
    2. Participation in Guild marketing
    3. Referrals and recommendations for performance contracts
    4. Placement information on the website
    5. Eligibility for conference webinars and workshops sponsored by the Guild.

Historical Performers Guild