Workshop Testimonial

As a recent graduate of the Institute of Historical Echoes, Emerging Performer practice, I share a vision and enthusiasm for authentic, first-person performances. During the intensive two days, I examined and learned individual assessments designed to create better self-awareness, techniques perfecting the art and craft of engaging storytelling, and the critical role of authentic research of my character in history.

Psychologist and performer, Irene Nielsen provided wise and empathic support in the development of my first character, as well as expert coaching for performances. She provided encouragement before the workshop and will be a resource going forward.

The Institute gave me an excellent grounding with which to pursue continuing development as, and beyond, the Emerging Performer level. I am extremely satisfied with my experience and investment as a student of the Institute of Historical Performance. I look forward to my continual learning and performing experiences in association with Historical Echoes" (Donna Becker, September graduate 2018).

Donna Becker - Institute Student Testimonial

Donna Becker - Institute Graduate